Flow Origins

One of the main things I plan to talk about in this blog is my ‘flow’ programming project, either about flow itself directly or things I have learned while working on it.

Rather than dive in and describe flow, what it is and what it does, I thought it might be more interesting if I describe the origins of the project and how they gradually formed in my head and gave me the desire to do it.

It’s been a process of about 30 years or more, although I didn’t even realize most of the time that I was accumulating these thoughts.

It was 1978

What was I doing?

I can’t remember, I was 12 years old!

But I wasn’t reading Computer Science research papers or books, that is for sure.

But something did happen then that would take me a long time to learn about… until after I had developed some of the ideas for flow “independently”. I’ll reveal what this was later, sorry for the teaser!

First step

I think the first step must have been when I took my first baby steps into the world of computers, something which would also lead to an entire career in Computer Science.

That would be in 1984, and I’ll describe it in my next post.

Written on December 22, 2020