Welcome to my home page. Here you can find:


  • Blog - mostly about programming, but also has some random personal stuff


  • For some strange reason I decided to tinker with rust bindings to the MacOS X library “libproc” that is used to get information about running processes in macos/darwin. I published it as libproc-rs and a number of others started using it and I have got a number of external contributions to it (to the extent I hardly recognize it!)

Flow project

Flow is my project where I explore the paradigm of dataflow driven programming, written in rust. Here you can find:

Chromecast utilities and games

Pingr project

A fun project to learn a bunch of stuff (almost all in rust):

  • Cloudflare DurableObjects that tracks wi-fi devices via reports sent from devices (see below) and enqueues state changes into a Cloudflare Queue
  • Cloudflare worker (written in rust using workers-rs crate, deployed in WebAssembly) that pulls device state changes from a Queue and updates device and connection states in the KV store (blow)
  • Cloudflare Key-Value store that stores data for the worker, and from the UI
  • Cloudflare Pages projects, including Functions. Building a website deployed to Pages as a SPA, using Leptos rust web framework, that reads and writes data to/from the KV store using Functions
  • Writing a cross platform (macos, linux, windows, RaspberryPi OS for Pi4, Pi400, and Pi Zero W) wi-fi monitoring program that reports to worker via API
  • Writing an embedded wi-fi monitor in rust using embassy on Pi Pico W that reports to worker via API

The UI for setting up wi-ifi monitoring and tracking status is at Pingr Home Page

If interested, you can view the Source Code