Installing flow on your system

There are three main options to getting a working install of flow on your system:

  • from source
  • downloading a release
  • homebrew tap

From Source

All pretty standard:

  • clone this repo
  • install pre-requisites with make config
  • build and test with make

That will leave binaries (such as flowc and flowrcli etc) in target/debug, and flowstdlib installed into $HOME/.flow/lib.

You can use them from there or you can install using cargo install.

Downloading the latest release

From latest GitHub release download and manually install the executables for your target system:

  • flowc
  • flowrcli
  • flowrex
  • flowrgui

Then download the portable WASM flowstdlib and expand to the directory $HOME/.flow/lib/flowstdlib

Homebrew tap

A homebrew tap repo is maintained here which you can use to install with homebrew:

> brew tap andrewdavidmackenzie/dataflow
> brew install dataflow

That should install the binaries, the portable flowstdlib WASM library and be ready for running.