A flow that takes a value and a constant and adds them, and then takes the result and adds it to the constant again and then printed the final value to stdout. It also uses the switch function to stop a flow with a false value, and compares the result of the add to a value and print out to stdout if it is greater or equal to it.

The purpose is not to do anything useful, but just to show the use of and stress the semantics of a number of the primitives.

Root Diagram

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Features Used

  • Root Flow
  • Library Functions used (add and stdout from flowstdlib)
  • Value used (with an initial value set)
  • Constant Value used
  • Connections between functions
  • Two functions of the same name in the same flow, distinguished by alias
  • switch function to stop or pass a data flow based on another one
  • compare function to produce outputs based on comparing two input values

Functions Diagram

This diagram shows the exploded diagram of all functions in all flows, and their connections.

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